Under Tennessee law, a child can be tried in adult court, and if convicted of first degree murder, can be sentenced to life in prison, or life with a possibility of parole after 51 years. State legislators think that law is too harsh.

In the series, McAvoy will talk about the lawsuit aimed at suppressing the information he held. “That was a challenging time for us but in the end we won, and the story we have is a very different one than Capote told, with details the Kansas Bureau...

Juveniles in Tennessee who are convicted of first-degree murder must serve a minimum of 51 years before they can even be considered for parole. First-degree murder includes those committed with “premeditation and deliberation,” which Tennessee law sa...


Brown was a sex trafficking victim who was being sexually abused by the man she was living with. After he ordered her to go get money, she left, and a man named Johnny Allen took her home with him.

The Hunt for Dark Matter is a new CuriosityStream film that focuses on the current cutting edge of dark matter detection.

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