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The Conscious Capitalism documentary: Lessons from the filmmaker

*** Radio interview can be found here. ***

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Dan Birman, producer and director of the Conscious Capitalism documentary, Conscious Capitalism, available now on CuriosityStream. Dan specializes in simplifying concepts into their core values, logic, and practices. He talks with us about the challenges of doing a film about Conscious Capitalism. He shares why he included perspectives from a variety of sources, including that of libertarian David Boaz of the CATO Institute. He also provides an inside look at bringing the story of Waste Management, the film’s featured company, to life.

We have a special gift for you, our listeners! CuriosityStream is giving you a special discount of 2 free months of CuriosityStream (versus the standard one month for new users). Sign up and watch Conscious Capitalism to see Dan’s exceptional film. Be sure to use the special code consciouscapitalism (all one word) to get your extra free month! A big thank you to CuriosityStream for giving our listeners extra access to their outstanding film library.

To sign up — go to Conscious Capitalism on CuriosityStream and click on “Start your free month.” During the sign-up process, there will be a place to enter your coupon code (consciouscapitalism) to get two free months instead of one.

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