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Under Tennessee law, a child can be tried in adult court, and if convicted of first degree murder, can be sentenced to life in prison, or life with a possibility of parole after 51 years. State legislators think that law is too harsh.

Juveniles in Tennessee who are convicted of first-degree murder must serve a minimum of 51 years before they can even be considered for parole. First-degree murder includes those committed with “premeditation and deliberation,” which Tennessee law sa...


Brown was a sex trafficking victim who was being sexually abused by the man she was living with. After he ordered her to go get money, she left, and a man named Johnny Allen took her home with him.


When you marry independent film with traditional reporting, you reach new people, Vossen said. This isn't just a hypothesis.


Birman Productions will team with PBS and a Nashville media company to produce a digital series that explores juvenile sentencing laws in Tennessee.

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